Woodbridge FoamPartner Introduces RegiSeal Aqua

February 7th, 2012

RegiSeal Aqua is a super fine-pored, flexible polyurethane gasketing foam which provides a remarkably high water sealing performance – even at a low density of just 30 kg/m³. In the Fisher-Body test RegiSealAqua foam is safely holding a water load of 100 mm at 50 % compression for much more than the 20 hrs requested. Even at a compression rate of just 10% no leakages can usually be observed which allows significant cost savings through new, intelligent constructions.

This halogen-free foam also offers a unique package of low emission properties, an advanced hydrolysis resistance and it is rated SE/NBR according to FMVSS 302.

RegiSeal Aqua has been developed to meet premium automotive standards such as DBL 5450. Consequently, it is not only perfectly suitable for automotive interior parts but also for all kinds of exterior applications where a long operational life span is needed. In some cases RegiSealAqua might also work as low cost alternative to other gasketing materials such as semi-closed EPDM, Poron® or others. Its velvet-like touch might even qualify this foam for applications where an appealing appearance is of interest.

RegiSeal Aqua is currently available in grey colour. Other colours can be developed on request. The foam can easily be processed using existing processing technologies.

RegiSeal Aqua is well suitable for applications such as:
  • gaskets in car interior and exterior applications (AC and air ventilation system)
  • gaskets in building industries (door and window seals, roof sealing, insulation panels etc.)
  • gaskets in electronic equipment and household appliances
  • heat insulators
  • acoustics absorber (in combination with suitable constructions)
  • fashion articles
  • display packaging
  • others
RegiSeal Aqua can be processed with existing technologies, such as:
  • various cutting technologies (die-cutting, water jet cutting etc.)
  • thermoforming
  • glue-bonding (dekor foils, self adhesive tape, etc.)
  • glue and skin lamination (for high requirements

For more information on RegiSeal Aqua, please contact us.