A Powerful Customer Testimony

March 14th, 2013

I had the pleasure to first work with Nick Reinhardt of Woodbridge FoamPartner in 2009.  With over 30 years personal experience in the polyolefin industry myself, I was immediately impressed by his technical product knowledge and congenial sales approach.  Through his diligent efforts, we have been able to secure a large variety of competitive business opportunities in a plethora of new markets.  Woodbridge FoamPartner has demonstrated to us be an ethically responsible business and enthusiastic partner in the ongoing development of custom polyurethanes.  It is by Nick Reinhardt’s innate ability to understand and execute all these various disciplines that we can provide the best options to our customers.  He is a professional, personal and a major asset for Woodbridge FoamPartner as well as Rogers Foam.

Kind regards,

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